2021 Safety Protocals

Current Coronavirus Recommenations from local health guidance and CDC.

Please Confirm there are no changes on the date of your visit.

Outdoor events are permitted to operate at 100% capacity.  Vaccinated individuals do not need to be masked.  It is recommended unvaccinated individuals should be masked when distancing is not possible.  The festival is popular and can be crowded, especially in nice weather.

Face Coverings are not mandatory.  It is recommended guests who have not received full COVID-19 vaccination wear a mask.

   Regularly use available hand sanitizers.

By visiting the festival you agree that you are aware of the following CDC advice: Some people are more likely than others to become severely ill if exposed to the coronavirus.  Some people are at a higher risk of exposure.  Prior to visiting you should access your risk that any interaction with others in close proximity can increase the risk.  You are responsible for yourself and those you bring.  The festival cannot guarantee you will not be exposed to the coronavirus during your visit.

Many visitors attend the festival. If during this era  you are uncomfortable it is advised that you wait until such time you are comfortable in being in a large crowd.

Ticket/Admissions FAQs:

What dates and hours is the Maryland Renaissance Festival open?

2021 Festival Dates

                August 28, 29;

                September 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26;

                October 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24

                                10:00 am – 7:00 pm

How much are tickets? (2021 Ticket Prices - Prices subject to change)

August 28 – September 12: 

  • Adult (Ages 16- 61) $21 
  • Senior (Ages 62+) $19 
  • Children (Ages 7- 15) $10 

September 18 – October 24:

  • Adult (Ages 16- 61) $28
  • Senior (Ages 62+) $27
  • Children (Ages 7- 15) $13

**Children 6 and under free and do not require a ticket**

Multi-Day tickets/passes

  • Season Pass $180
  • 9 Day Pass $119
  • 6 Day Pass $92
  • 2 Day Pass $43

What if I have a group? How do I buy tickets? (2021 Ticket Prices - Prices subject to change) 

Group price rates begin with 20 or more people. Group ticket purchases must be made collectively (one payment) and cannot be changed once purchased (no adding or subtracting individuals from the group order). Please double check how many people are in your group before ordering. Once the group order has been finalized, the group order cannot be changed. Group purchases can be made over the phone 410-266-7304. Groups coming by bus or extended van, please let the festival office know if you have a dedicated/chartered driver. We offer one complimentary ticket for charter/bus drivers for our group purchases.

August 28 – September 12: 

  • Group Adult $19 
  • Group Child $9 

September 18 – October 24:

  • Group Adult $24
  • Group Child $10
What is included with my ticket admission?

Once having finished your journey to our free parking lot, enter the gates of Revel Grove using your passport to merriment. You will be greeted with a map of the realm listing all of the locations and attractions the festival has to offer. With 8 stages, jousting, street entertainment and pub/tavern performances all included with your admission, there is so much to do and see, that not all of it can be experienced in one day.

** All Beverages, Foods, and Games require CASH CURRENCY ONLY. Some Crafts stands have the ability to accept credit/debit cards, but not all. Cash again is highly recommended. **

When is it best time to arrive? How can I avoid the lines?

Typically the festivals peak season starts mid to late September. With an influx of visitors at the festival during peak season, longer lines and a more crowded atmosphere are to be expected. The festival highly recommends coming before the peak season to avoid longer lines at food/beverage stands and a less crowded atmosphere. The added benefit with coming early to the first three weekends is the already included discounted price in admission for single day and group tickets.

See above for discounted/regular price ticket information.

What if the weather is bad and I've already bought my ticket online?

Rain or shine, the festival will remain open and continue with its normal operation. Just as with outdoor professional sports, unless the event is closed the tickets are valid, honored and non-refundable. We recommend before purchasing tickets to check the Crownsville local weather for the upcoming weekend, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for weather updates. Single Day tickets are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for another festival date. 

The festival's Facebook, Twitter, and website says tickets are sold out, but I already have tickets for today's festival, can I still get in?

Yes. Whether you have purchased your ticket(s) for today online (which we recommend to save your spot in the festival) or have tickets waiting for you at the Will Call ticket window, your place in today’s festivities is saved. Be sure to let the police officers and/or parking staff know that you already have tickets. Non-ticket holders will be turned away due to limited parking availability.

How can I stay up to date on festival traffic and ticket availability?

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see event ticket sales/sold out alerts. These applications are the best sources for festival news.

I'm here at the gate and have bought tickets for my party, but the rest of my group is not here yet. What do I do?

If you already have tickets purchased, but don’t want to wait for the rest of your party, please use our free Will Call window services to hold tickets until the remaining members of your party arrive. Enjoy the festival without the hassle of waiting or having to leave the festival to give the remaining members of your party their tickets. Please note, single day tickets that are not picked up by the end of the day are no longer valid and cannot be refunded or exchanged for another day.

I purchased my tickets online but cannot print it, what should I do?

We recommend purchasing tickets online, no added surcharge for online sales. Tickets purchased online are insured admission to the festival, even when the show is declared sold out.  With your printed online tickets from home you head straight for the main gate. Be sure to follow our printing instructions exactly as described. If access to a printer at home is not an option, stop by our ticket windows to have your ticket printed out. Your smart phone can also be used to scan the ticket barcode.


How do I get to the festival?

The Maryland Renaissance Festival is located at: 1821 Crownsville Rd. Annapolis, MD 21401. You can find more information about how to get to the festival by visiting our webpage dates-times-directions to receive driving directions from Washington D.C., Baltimore, Eastern Shore/Annapolis, Southern Maryland (St Mary’s and Waldorf areas), Dahlgren, VA, Frederick/Western MD, and from New York/New Jersey/Harford County (MD).

Is parking free? And what parking options are available?

The Festival offers free parking to all of its customers. We use both local law enforcement on the road ways to keep high volume traffic moving and experienced in-house parking staff once you’ve entered our parking lot. Please follow the parking staff directions when entering the festival parking lot. Our staff is trained to have you off the main road, parked, and walking towards the front gate within minutes of arriving. Vehicles parked not on festival grounds (i.e. parking on the main road, or in the surrounding community) or parking in places not directed by the parking staff within our lot is not allowed and will be towed at owner’s expense.

How can I avoid traffic and waiting to park?

We recommend when coming to visit the festival to arrive early, whether that’s during the first three weekends we’re open (highly recommended) or arriving early morning. Peak traffic hours coming in are from 11:00 – 1:30pm, and leaving 6:30pm to closing. We’re constantly improving our parking methods to get you parked faster and enjoying your festival experience sooner.

Gate Restrictions

Can I bring weapons or toy weapons to the festival, or as part of my costume?

No weapons (blades, firearms, explosives, etc…) are allowed on festival grounds. While we do have artisans who sell real weaponry, we do not allow those weapons to be brandished around the grounds. Any weapons purchased within the festival grounds must remain within the original packaging when purchased.

Obvious toy weapons are limited based on the discretion of our festival security staff. If the prop weapon looks realistic to their real weaponry counterparts, we will ask that the toy weapon be returned to your vehicle. Toy weapons we do permit are the wooden swords we sell here at the festival (with the exception of Hollow Earth weaponry, those are classified as a training weapons), foam weapons, and Nerf toys.

Can I bring drinks or food into the Festival?

The Festival only allows one factory sealed water bottle per person through the main gate. Any and all other beverages (alcohol, energy drinks, and coffee) are not allowed. The festival offers a wide selection of both beverages (Nonalcoholic and Alcoholic) and foods. We do allow food through the gates, but the festival does not permit coolers or other receptacles for carrying food/drinks. If you have questions about our food services while at the festival, please ask one of our food booth mangers about food options at that particular food booth.

Can I bring my pet/animal to the Festival?

No. While we’re an outdoor event, we do not allow pet animals into the festival grounds. The only exception to this rule are animals trained and legally identified as service working animals.

Is smoking permitted within the Festival? Is electronic cigarettes/vapors allowed?

Smoking is not permitted within the festival except in five designated areas within the festival. These locations are clearly marked within the grounds and located within your brochure map. The same restrictions for smoking apply to electronic cigarettes/vapors.

Additional Information and Traveling Tips

Where can I find more information about different shows and crafts offered at the Festival?

Visit our websites Entertainment section Entertainment to see our list of shows for the season and this year’s story line. A map of the festival grounds, artisan’s locations within the festival is at artisans#Queen. When you enter the festival gates, you’ll be given a brochure with a map of the festival, show times for each stage, and a list of craft shops organized by each “street/path” within Revel Grove. You can also use the Maryland Renaissance Festival app on your smartphone, which has an interactive map showing different locations within the festival.

How can I stay up to date on festival news?

Follow our Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram pages to see news releases about special performances, themed weekends, ticket sale availability, and much more.

Does the festival take credit/debit card? Are ATM's located on the festival grounds?

Within the festival grounds, many of the craft vendors accept credit/debit cards. HOWEVER, food, drink and games use ONLY CASH. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND stopping at a bank or ATM before visiting the festival. While we do offer 8 ATM’s in 6 different locations within the festival, lines at these ATM locations can become long waits during busy festival days.

What are the bathroom facilities at the festival?

The festival bathroom facilities are located in six locations, utilizing individual port-a-johns in each location. Five locations are equipped with a baby changing/nursing station, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and currently one hand washing station located in the center privies location (more to come in other locations). Locations can be found on the map within the brochure when you visit the festival.

Does the festival require costumes, and does the festival rent or sell costumes?

No we do not require costumes, but we do admit costumes add to the overall atmosphere. Many who visit Revel Grove dress for the occasion. We have a wide variety of artisan shops that sell different festival apparel. However, if you wish to save some coin, we do rent costumes conveniently located inside the front gate area for those wanting to further partake in the festival atmosphere. Please dress for a family friendly environment and with consideration of the weather, since being an outdoor event.