Entertainment Support Staff

Artistic Director & Writer

Carolyn Spedden

Directors & Assistants

  • Tom Plott

    Associate Director, director of Fight Corps, stage shows, pathway performance. 

  • Mary Ann Jung

    Royal Court Director and pathway performance director.

  • K. Tony Korol-Evans, PhD

    Manager of Reveler's Bower, a living history area. Dramaturg for Richard III.

  • Erin Riley

    Director of Company of Women's Richard III.  Managing Director of STREETspeare.

  • Steven Kirkpatrick

    Director of Eastward Ho!

  • Robin Flanagan

    Fight Director for Richard III 

  • Mike Field

    Dramaturg for Eastward Ho!

  • Cindy Andersen

    Costume Designer

  • Dan O'Driscoll

    Intimacy Director & Actor Advocate,
    SAFD certified Teacher/Fight Director

  • Edie MacKay

    Music Director for the Acting Company and Pub Sing.

  • Stephanie Phelan

    Music director for Queen's Singers and Children's Sing Along.

  • Randy Snight

    Director, Choreographer for Revel Grove Dancers

  • STREETspeare Directors

    Charles Boyington, Erin Branigan, Keegan Cassady, Randy Dalmas, Kaitlyn Fowler, Emma Hooks, Mary Ann Jung, Emily Karol, Steven Kirkpatrick, Tony Korol-Evans, Dan O'Driscoll, Erin Riley, Michele G. Schultz, Randy Snight, Stephanie Phelan, Tom Plott  

  • John Sadowsky, PhD

    Adapted & edited Shakespeare's Richard III.

  • Stage Managers

    Head Stage Manager: Dave Olsher.  Stage Managers:  Lauren Engler, Aitana Garrison, Darrell Hale, Neel Madan - Head Audio Engineer, Sarah McCarthy, Katherine Offutt, September Love Ruddell-Cosgrove.

  • Mary Wakefield

    Wardrobe Supervisor. Assistant Director for Richard III

  • James Frank

    Manager of Militia Tent, director for Archery.

  • Choreographers for Fight Corps

    Tom Plott, James Frank, Geoff Thompson

  • Fight Captain for Fight Corps

     Casey Severn