Each year the Maryland Renaissance Festival’s village of Revel Grove comes to life in the forests and glen of Crownsville, Maryland. The countryside is transformed with more than 200 entertainers making merry amongst the 16th century shops, emporiums and eateries of King Henry VIII’s magical kingdom. A playground of fun, frivolity and wondrous performances thrill more than 300,000 visitors each year.

The almost continuous entertainment on all ten stages features new and returning favorite performers. New acts include Ses Carny’s Double-Edged Daredevils, Shakespeare Approves, Captain NoBeard's Travelling Menagerie of Mythical Beasts and Magical Creatures, and Midwife Crisis. Returning to thrill again, Debracey Productions Joust Troupe thunders down the field with solid lances to unhorse one another, showcasing trick riding and even a combat chariot duel; the charming and beguiling talent of A Fool Named “O” and LaLa, the mimes; The Queen of Hoops dazzles with hula hoop skill; the comedy of Shakespeare’s Skum; the comedy and magic of Dinty the Moor; Les S. Moore Will Steal Your Stuff pickpocketing and magic; Topsy Turvy comedic contortion and acrobatics; Knightwings, the Birds of Prey Show. Performers here our entire season also include Paolo Garbanzo, Gwendolyn and Nobeard, Ginger Whimsy the living statue, and the acting company presents Into The Forest Wild, an original play featuring stage combat, music, and the words of Shakespeare. Don’t miss the chance to mingle with nobility throughout the village including King Henry VIII and his Royal Court. Visit https://rennfest.com/stage-street-acts-royal-court-events/ for more information.

Throughout the season the most popular renaissance acts from across the country in limited run engagements bid you to visit over and over again; Hilby, the Skinny German Juggle Boy amazes and confuses; the enormously popular comedy duo Puke and Snot will bedazzle you with their witty repartee and fast-paced humor; watch in disbelief as Lynx swallows swords; and enjoy Jim Mackenzie: comedian with Mad Skills. Returning by popular demand for limited run are Martika’s One-Woman Stunt Show, social media star Jacques Ze Whipper, Vixens En Garde, and Barely Balanced. Add in a village full of stilt walkers, hermits, wenches, rakes and rogues for an entertainment experience not only to be seen but to be immersed amongst. Visit https://rennfest.com/stage-street-acts-royal-court-events/ for more information.

Music abounds with Piper Jones Band, The Hooligans, Painted Trillium, The O’Danny Girls and Mad Witch all season. Partial season musical appearances include groups such as The Rogues, The Freestylers of Piping, Poehemia, The Bards, The Crimson Pirates, the Langer’s Ball and more. Don’t miss international artists Anna Tam, The Captain’s Beard, and Bordó Sárkány. Visit https://rennfest.com/musicians-dancers/ for more information.

                For nine weekends the Maryland Renaissance Festival brings the Village of Revel Grove, a 27 acre stage, to life for the enjoyment and merriment of all those who enter it’s castle gates. The Maryland Renaissance Festival runs from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Saturdays, Sundays and Labor Day Monday from August 24th through October 20th for nine fun filled weekends. For more information, directions and ticketing visit www.marylandrenaissancefestival.com.