2013 Stage Acts, Street Performances and Events

While most everyone will enjoy the entertainment offered at Revel Grove, parents with wee lads and lasses may wish to visit our Customer Service Pavilion and pick up a Children's Program which will list the shows and activities geared to pre-school and school aged children.


Absolutely Nothing!

Liz Demery Bragg, Matthew Pauli

(It's a new batch o' nothing this year!)  Daisy O'Danny and "That Guy in the Donkey Hat" want to make you a star! Come be a part of the show and brag to your friends that you were the funniest part of Absolutely Nothing!  10:30am on the Gatehouse Stage.


 The Apple and the Arrow

New this season!

According to legend, William Tell used a crossbow to shoot an apple off of his son's head.  Only a fool would try to recreate that feat by using audience volunteers. Matthew Pauli is that fool!


Archery Demonstration


James Frank, director
See a demonstration of the English longbow - the weapon that changed the history of Britain. This informative demonstration will also include the use of bows handmade in our village Militia tent.   Performed SATURDAYS and Labor Day Monday in the Jousting Field.


 Barely Balanced

Photograph by Joshua Steinke 

James Freer, Cameron Tomele, Margret Ebert

Barely Balanced presents an amazing show filled with contortion, feats of strength, high energy acrobatics, comedy, and audience participation.  They have performed all over the country at festivals, corporate and private events, and Renaissance Festivals such as Bristol, Florida, Colorado, and Georgia.   PERFORMING: September 14th - 29th at the Royal Stage


The Bloody Drama (Comedy Show)

 We entreat you to come and see our interactive comedy show. Every other show is improvised. Bob Garman, Jim Nieb, and special guest.  October 12th & 13th only! At the Globe Theatre.


Jonathan Burns, Flexible Comedy


"Very impressive." - Jay Leno, host of the Jay Leno Show

Born with the gifts of flexibility, curiosity, and goofiness, Jonathan now uses these talents to entertain audiences all over the world.  Performing September 14,15,21,22 and October 5 & 6 at the Blackfriars Theatre.


The Cheeky Monkey Sideshow


Swami YoMahmi presents: The Cheeky Monkey Sideshow

Get ready for freaks, fun, and fantastic feats of stupidity and danger!

Cheeky Monkey Sideshow is a breath-taking cavalcade of the bizarre, the astounding, the extreme, and the strange. Every show is different, every act unique.Cheeky Monkey Sideshow ~ You'll be Amazed. You'll be Amused. You'll be Just a Little Bit Grossed Out.  Rated PG-13.    Performing one show daily at the Fortune Stage.




Todd Brown

Conundrum will confound you with amazing tricks and puzzles.  Encounter his magic in the pathways.


 The Danger Committee


Jason "Other One" LeMay, Mick "Bald Guy" Lunzer, Caleb "Reynaldo" McEwan

The Danger Committee is an incredible combination of juggling, knife throwing, spine tingling thrills and hilarious comedy. Their unique blend of the hilarious and the dangerous while performing unbelievable feats of skill has made The Danger Committee one of the most talked about new acts in the country.

They have performed at theatres, festivals and corporate events across the country. They've taken on national notoriety on NBC's America's Got Talent, and have since had multiple appearances on television and stages from New York to Las Vegas.     Performing October 5th through the 20th at BLACKFRIARS THEATRE.


Molly Dangles 

Moira Lee

Look up! Molly Dangles will capture your imagination with aerial arts, acrobatics, contortion, dancing and juggling in the treetops and the lanes.


Molly Dangles Stunts and Love

New show!

Upwardly motile acrobat seeks adventurous audience to share feats of contortion, strength, balance, chicken wrangling, dagger dropping, matchmaking, and minor explosions.  Molly Dangles (Moira Lee)  comes down to earth in search of her true love.


Dinty, the Moor


Brian Wendell Morton

Dinty, “the most honest man in the village”, will amuse and amaze you with daring feats of dishonesty, culminating in a two-man fight to the Death! Or, something very close to it!

See Dinty in the pathways,at the Lyric Stage and Boars Head Tavern.


The Dueling Fools


Dusten Welch, Steven J. Madden

Sir George Silver (Steven J. Madden) and Rocco Bonetti (Dusten Welch) are not fictitious characters but actual historical figures from the 16th century.

During the 1570's Benetti was an Italian swordmaster living in England along with the English swordmaster, Silver. Both were believed by separate parties to have the best skills with a blade.  However, a duel never took place between them to determine who was better.

Until now! Dusten and Steven present an encounter between these two great swordsmen in a stage show full of humor, clever wordplay, and of course swordfighting!    The Dueling Fools will perform all weekends EXCEPT October 12th & 13th at the GLOBE THEATRE. 


 Escuela Estafa

This season, returning at noon to The Queen's Path near the maypole is "Escuela Estafa," Dinty The Moor's "Swindle School!" See Diego Natividad de la Estafa show you three historic real-world street swindles and why you shouldn't risk your hard-earned money playing them. "Fast & Loose," "The Shell Game" and the Three Card Monte are demonstrated, along with the one and only lesson to be learned: "Don't Play These Games For Money!"

Faction of Fools Theatre Company presents

A Commedia Romeo & Juliet 

New to the Festival 

Photo of 2012 production by ClintonBPhotography

DC's Commedia dell'Arte theatre company brings its critically acclaimed A Commedia Romeo and Juliet to the festival for two weekends in September. The classic story of two young lovers divided by a family feud borrows heavily from the tradition of the Italian Comedy. Their high-octane adaptation, featuring five actors in a fifty-five minute cutting, joins physical spectacularity with Shakespeare's poety and highlights tragedy by juxtaposing it with humor.

Since 2009, Faction of Fools Theatre Compnay has made a name for itself by presenting new and classic works in the Commedia dell'Arte style.  Faction of Fools original production of A Commedia Romeo and Juliet played to sold out houses in Washington, DC.  The Washington Post has called it "inspired".

Don't miss this wondeful production on September 7th, 8th, 14th & 15th at 11:30am at the Globe.



Jim Frank, Mike Martin, Casey M. Severn, Geoff Thompson

Ever wonder where a broadsword got its name? Why Samurai bow to their swords? Or do you just like watching grown men trying to hurt each other? Then see Fight School where the Fight School masters take you on a journey through weapon history and dueling lore. Be careful or you might learn something in between the laughter. Sharp weapons, blunt humor - its better than running with scissors. For more information visit     Fight School will perform one show daily at the Market Stage.

 Fizzical Fairytales

New this season


Guy Collins, Stephanie Phelan Offutt

Fizzical Fairytales present The Princess in the Far Far Far Away Tower, a charming mishmash of theatre and circus including a fire-breathing dragon, a beautiful unicorn, a fleet-footed pegasus, daring feats of acrobatics, juggling and balance, and lovely songs sung by a princess and her dashing hero. A show for children of all ages and the young at heart.  (Unicycle pupppets built by Gabriel Quirk.)


The Flying Freak Show

New show

 Gabriel Q

When the Comedie Francaise forbade the Italians to perform (cuz they were funnier), Sir Real, an unemployed Harlequin, resorted to this hilarious side show. In a performance that merges traditional walk about puppet shows, side show banners and members of the audience, you will certainly laugh and possibly be the star. And the kids wont get any jokes they're not supposed to!  9/7 - 9/29 on the Market Stage.


Johnny Fox, swordswallower extraordinaire


With sword swallowing, magic and a quick wit, the legendary Johnny Fox has thrilled audiences around the world. At the Royal Stage.

Johnny Fox's  JADOO

If you've enjoyed Johnny Fox's amazing swordswallowing shows on the Royal Stage, you do not want to miss his brand new show entitled JADOO, which will be performed once daily on the Royal Stage.


A Fool Named “O” and "La-La"! 


photo by Lisa Julia 

Mark Jaster - A Fool named "O", Sabrina Mandell as "LaLa"

Family-friendly physical antics and classic knock-about comedy.  A Fool Named "O" has endeared himself to Festival audiences for over 20 years.  "O" and his partner, "LaLa" mix classic routines and new material again this year as they have since 2005.    At the Lyric Stage. 


Fractured Fairy's Tales

New show!   

photo by Lisa Miller, edited by Chrissy The

Michele Schultz 

Laugh along with Mustardseed!  She may speak Fairy but she knows how to delight and amuse you. Just don't get too comfortable in that seat, you may end up on stage in this unusual re-telling of a tale you thought you knew!


The Free Lancers, jousters


Roy Cox, director

In the Middle Ages a “lance” was a group of soldiers consisting of a knight, his squire, a valet and twelve men at arms. If a knight’s lord was to die or if the knight had not sworn fealty to a lord, then he and his followers were called a “free lance” and entitled to be hired as mercenaries by the highest bidder.

The Free Lancers return for a season of action packed excitement. Years of formal research, professional stage credits, combat and stunt training has provided the know-how to keep presentations exciting and safe for humans and their steeds. Only the most dedicated and physically adept of players qualify as jousters. The Free Lancers are distinguished in the attention and care for the safety and well-being of human and animal performers. Jousts at 2pm, 4pm & 6pm

On 10/19, 20 there will be an additional joust at 11:30am as part of a special joust competition.


Gabriel Q


Gabriel Quirk

Gabriel Q is a puppeteer, costume and puppet builder and a variety performer. He has performed for 25 years at major Renaissance Festivals across the country.  He has also performed at the Kim Tom Clown festival in Shaghai, China in 2008.  For the past 10 years Gabriel has built and performed large puppets for the krewes of Orpheus and Muses for the Marti Gras parades in New Orleans.



Gazzo has been mixing his comedy, magic, and British charm for over 30 years into a must see show.  Most famous for his cups and balls routine, Gazzo has turned a classic magic effect into a hilarious, magnificent, gut busting show. He blends his unique style and comedy into his shows that whether you are a fan of magic or not, you become a fan of Gazzo instantly

Gazzo is here for a limited run. Don't miss him at the Market Stage from 8/24 - 9/ 2.  (Rated PG)


 Happenstance Theater presents Everyfool

A very Foolish morality play.  Join the parade and admit you're a fool.  LaLa spins the Wheel of Fortune and "O" dives through the "Hoop of Death."  3:30pm at the Globe Theatre.

the Skinny German Juggle Boy

Michael Hilby

Best described as a show without boundaries, Hilby is the living proof that being German doesn’t mean you can’t be funny. Hilby is an expert in juggling all sorts of objects and subjects. He also is amazing in countless circus and variety skills such as unicycling, balance stunts and more. He really gets his audience involved and creates magical and hilarious moments through their participation. All that and more!

 Performing September 7th & 8th at the Royal Stage, and October 12,13, 19 & 20 at the Market Stage.


(rated PG)


See the Hypnosis show. See the Hypnosis show. See the Hypnosis show. See the Hypnosis show. See the Hypnosis show. See the Hypnosis show. See the Hypnosis show.  AT THE BLACKFRIARS THEATRE!


  Landless Theatre Company presents

Davey Jones' Locker

New this season.

We welcome the Landless Theatre Company to the Festival as they present their production of Davey Jones' Locker.  Book, Lyric, and Music by Andrew Lloyd Baughman.  This is a rollicking audience-participation musical yarn about spoiled Governor's daughter, her rapscallion pirate lover, a demonic sea monster, and the birth of a legend (recounted by four pirates and a guitar).

The Landless Theatre Company is a non-profit organization dedicated to producing exciting and accessible art to cultivate new audiences for live theatre.  Their regional premieres have included Washington Post Editors' Picks Gutenburg! The Musical, President Harding Is A Rock Star and Carrie Potter at the New Moon Prom.  2013 marks the ten year anniversary of the company, which performs at The Gala Theatre in Columbia Heights, DC.

Don't miss Davey Jones' Locker on October 12th, 13th, 19th & 20th at 11:30am at the Globe Theatre.


Larksalot the Bald


Guy Collins

Fun and funambulism!  Awesome juggling stunts with a wicked, wacky sense of humor.   Performing daily at the Lyric Stage

The London Broil Show


Duncan Pace, Matt Connolly, Louis Skaradek

A charming and innovative mix of free-flow comedy and fantastic team juggling.  Duncan, Louie and Matt have performed thousands of shows together nationwide since 1999.   

They started off as teenagers in Revel Grove and now return as men with three different shows: “Blades of Fury”, “Juggling well Done” and “Lets Loose” where nothing is planned and anything goes! Visit them      August 24th to September 22nd at the BLACKFRIARS THEATRE.


Living History Demonstrations by the Company of St. George.
at Hengrave Hall 


 The household of Hengrave Hall invites you to visit them to see ongoing demonstrations of daily life in a 16th century household.  (Located next to the Globe Theatre)


  Musical Merrymaking & Maypole Dance


led by Maggie Sansone, Bill and Cathy Palmer

Come and dance the maypole and peasant dances.  If you can walk you can dance and all ages are welcome!  Merry melodies accompany the dances so come and join in, or simply watch the fun! 

Musical Merrymaking is from 10am - 11am near customer service.  (Just look for the maypole!)


Nymblewyke’s International Flea Circus


Jim Frank

That’s right, you read it correctly - a FLEA circus. You’ve heard the legend, you thought it was a dream. It couldn’t be true! Come see the smallest circus on earth in the largest arena anywhere. (No dogs, please.) Location: in the pathways of Revel Grove. For more information visit


Out of the Box


Cybele Pomeroy, Garrett Pomeroy, Alaina Pomeroy, Erin Tarpley

What’s going on? Silent shenanigans in the street! Whether on stilts, blowing fabulous bubbles or fooling around on the ground, Out of the Box is a visual treat. They are sure to delight your eyes and warm your heart in the pathways of Revel Grove.   Performing September 7th to October 20th.


The Perfect Touch

New show!

Michele Schultz

A courtesan was a well-educated independent woman who was believed to have high standards and very loose morals. That may be true, but Columbina would never tell...for free. Find out what makes this Courtesan the best of the best.  Join Columbina for bawdy music, laughter, and more as she shows you how she achieved "The Perfect Touch."  PG for mature themes.


 The Pub Sing

Photo courtesy of Neil Rothschild

Your host, Captain Fletcher Moone, Daisy O'Danny and the house band, the famous Pyrates Royale, welcome you to end your day with an old-fashioned sing-along.  Enjoy music by the Pyrates and other fabulous musical guests.  And you never know which villager or royalty will drop by.  Don't miss the fun!   6pm at the White Hart Tavern.


Puke & Snot


Mark Sieve, John Gamoke

One of the longest running and most successful acts in the history of renaissance festivals. Intense wit, flashy swordfights, and organic vegetables: the laughs come in waves, often at racetrack speed. Their comedy owes as much to Abbott and Costello as it does to Avon’s Bard. A gallant romp of hysterical fun.  Performing at the Royal Stage from October 5th to October 20th.


Pumpkin Theatre

New this season

  As our special guest on Children's Weekend (8/24,25), we are very pleased to welcome Baltimore's Pumpkin Theatre and their performance of Three Little Tales.  Five performers tell the stories of The Three Little Pigs, Goldi Locks and the Three Bears, and Three Billy Goats Gruff. This show stresses how our choices affect other people and the consequences they have.  Filled with dancing, music, and audience participation, this show promises a fun time for all!     August 24 & 25 at 11:30am at the Globe Theatre.


The Pyrates Royale


Brad Howard, Darcy Nair, Craig Williams, Damon Hersh, Ellie Cattle 

Since 1987, The Pyrates Royale has set the standard for comic singing pirate acts at festivals and events around the country. They play a mix of traditional and modern acoustic maritime music that rocks without being electric, sings without a string section and humors without a laugh track.


The Renaissance Man

Photo by Neil Rothchild

Christopher Davis

Join England’s foremost Actor of Tragedies (Ned Alleyn) in taking a stab at Comedie!  Celebrating 20 years since first treading the boards as The Renaissance Man, Ned is pulling out all the stops this season!  Witch Trials & Bearbaiting, Leeching & Chamberpots, Stand-Up Tragedy, Royal Foibles, Shakespeare & Marlowe, Greek Mythology…oh, and Juggling.  As always, audience volunteers are the true stars in these hilarious interactive productions Making Fun of Historie!  Educators bring the merriment to your classroom via:


Mike Rose presents 'The History of Mystery'

New show this season!

 Have you ever wondered who the first magician was to use a rabbit?  Why was the first magic book written? What ancient Egyptian magic trick may be just a couple guys baking bread?  Mike Rose (a.k.a. “The Magic Kina Guy”) will present a magic show that is unlike your typical magic show.  Sure there will be plenty of comedy and magic, but interspersed throughout the performance will be facts, tidbits, and anecdotes about the history of magic and magicians. You’ll be amazed and amused by what you’ll see and learn!

 Don't miss The History of Mystery on the Gatehouse Stage from 8/24 - 9/29 only!



New this year!

Originally from Australia, Rumpel has performed in more than 50 countries. He is renowned throughout Europe as The King of the Jesters! An eccentric world traveler, he is a one of a kind improvisational comedy character.  His off-the-wall performance includes comedy, juggling, balancing, skipping on a unicycle and much more.  Don't miss him! Rumpel will appear in the pathways and on the Market Stage from 9/7 - 9/29.


Shakespeare’s Skum


Carolyn Spedden, who is the director & writer too; 
Liz Demery, Stephon Walker, Steve Wannall.

“Absolute genius parodies of the Bard’s work” - City Paper. 
“A side-slapping success” -Potomac News. 

Are they comedians who also do Shakespeare, or are they actors who can actually do comedy? Yes.  

Shakespeare's Skum has been entertaining audience in the United States and Canada for more than twenty years.  Taking the text from the Bard's greatest plays and adding their own special brand of humor, these thirty minutes or less adaptations would make even Harold Bloom laugh out loud. (Look him up.)  Funny to those unfamiliar with Shakespeare, Skum is even funnier to those who know the plays.   At the Globe Theatre. 

This season line up includes: Tag Team Romeo & Juliet and Richard III: Just Misunderstood and Antony & Cleopatra (As the Nile Flows) 



Tegan Elliott, Amanda Ellis, and Sam Nolte

Travel back to the time of mythical gods, shipwrecked lovers, and the ethereal women who all sailors both fear and adore--the Sirens. Straight from the depths of the sea, Aglaope, Legeia, and Raidne bring you a show filled with drumming, dancing, and all-original music. Their songs will hypnotize you and their stories will touch your hearts, but hold on to your souls, or you might find you've lost them to the hands of the Sirens!  October 5th through the 20th at the Lyric Stage


The Squire of the Wire: 
Michael Rosman


Amazing Feats of Comedy is the description of this hilarious show for adults (and kids) which features outrageous stunts, juggling of dangerous knives, and the world’s only kilted high-wire walker performing directly over the audience. It is dangerously funny!   Performing all weekends EXCEPT September 14th & 15th at the Fortune Stage .


The Steele Sisters

New this year


Samantha McDonald, Nicole Skelly

Join the Steele Sisters on their never-ending quest to find a husband.  Their father has decided the first one to be married will inherit all of his lands….and his horses…and his flowers…and his weapons!  This high energy two woman show is packed with comedy, wit, sisterly love, sisterly competition and a little sisterly swordplay.  LIMITED RUN:  See them on Labor Day Weekend, then they return October 12th & 13th!


 Stupina's Girlie Girl Show

photo: Janice Zimmer 

Michele Schultz

Stupina wants to be a Girlie Girl, but she needs A LOT of help. Watch as she wends her way through the dangerous world of heels, hoops and hair care. Flirting has never been so funny! Note: Due to Stupina's fragile brain, this show can only be performed once a day at the Gatehouse Stage.


 The Village Idiots


Kevin Starnes, Jerry Bradshaw, Brian Thibault

The Village Idiots have been entertaining audiences around the word for years separately, and now have joined their comedic and music powers to fight against the evil forces of boredom!  With their unique blend of music, harmony and great comedy, the Village Idiots will have you laughing so hard you'll do something involuntary and messy!  They are hystericalicious!  They are here for a limited engagement so don't miss their show.  PERFORMING October 5th through the 20th.


The Wheel of Death

New this season

Grant Murray 

Death defying, daring and dangerous. Ichabod Wainwright will run, jump, flip and more atop the worlds only wooden wheel of death! A three story tall rotating contraption built to defy gravity and equilibrium. Come see Ichabod attempt the impossible!  LIMITED RUN:  8/24 - 9/8 at the Blackfriars Theatre. Don't miss it!


The Yaxleys Present: Les Poupées de Revel Grove; A Puppet Extravaganza!

New this season

John Sadowsky, Julia Williams, Randy Dalmas

    The first family of Revel Grove tell some of Aesop's famous fables, in the unique Yaxley style, with puppets and audience participation. Tales presented could include "The Grasshopper and the Ant", "The Lion, the Bear, and the Fox", or "The Fox and the Crow".   This show is rated C, for children of all ages!  3pm at the Crooked Cottage stage.


The Royal Court Agenda

Each season we offer all-new Royal Court stage shows! This season, the year is 1520.
  9:50am  Opening Gate: The Royal Arrival
Let the cannon sound, the gates open and the fun begin. Huzzah!
Mayor Francis Yaxley, Sheriff Walter Yaxley, and festival hostess Isobel Yaxley
welcome the King, Queen and their noble visitors from Italy to Revel Grove.
Of course nothing can go smoothly. Not when the Mayor has to contend with  the Widow Griply,
the feuding Hatfields and McCoys, and Isobel's 'artistic' welcome!


Children's Knighting Ceremony


  To better serve all of the children of the realm, we will now offer a large general knighting ceremony at the Fortune Stage.   After the short ceremony the group of goodly children, newly created Knights and Dames, will have an opportunity to personally meet the King, Queen, and courtiers and receive their certficate of knighthood.  Huzzah! 


The Royal Court Revels

Join Master of Ceremonies, and official court poet, John Skelton as he presides over pleasant past times to entertain the King, Queen and our noble visitors from Italy.  Music, dance, poetry, wit and daily surprises! 3pm at the Gatehouse Stage.


Court's Court

It is time for the quarterly courts in Revel Grove, and the King himself finds he shall be judge to all of the cases on the docket.  Unfortunately, it seems all of the cases involve the feuding families of the Hatfields and McCoys! Can the King resolve their issues and bring peace to the village?  Find out at 5pm at the Globe Theatre.



Shows Presented 
by the Acting Company

Orlando Furioso

Written by P. Michael Field, based on the epic poem by Ludvico Ariosto
Directed by John Sadowsky

Stage Manager:  Katherine Offutt.   Fight Choreography: Geoff Thompson

Music performed by: Abigail, Bill, Christa and Cathy Palmer

Music design by Cathy Palmer

Dance  and movement choreography by Kelsey Meiklejohn

The epic source of orcs and hippogriffs and invisibility-granting magic rings, set against a Moslem invasion of Christian Europe in the time of Charlemagne the Great, Orlando Furioso was a literary sensation in early modern Europe, inspiration for later works ranging from The Faerie Queene to Harry Potter. An astonishing poem of 38,736 lines in two volumes, this original staging of Book I was written especially for the Festival by Mike Field, whose previous Don Quixote, Books I & II won rave reviews here. Adult themes, not suitable for young children.  Rated PG


 Orlando Furioso-  Jonathan Yoke

Rinaldo - Matthew Lewis

Ruggiero - Eric Poch

Rodomonte - Fred Nelson

Angelica - Elana Michelle

Bradamante - Natalie Fairchild

Marfisa - Kelsey Meiklejohn


The Acting Corps:

Laurie Brown

Claire Coyle

Eben Kuhns

Arden Moscati

Jay Tilley

Julia Williams


Shakespeare's Famous Fights

Directed by Tom Plott; stage manager Dave Olsher

Music by Cathy Palmer, Bill Palmer, Christa Palmer & Abbie Palmer 

A fast-paced, exciting show featuring scenes from some of Shakespeare's plays involving stage combat starring members of our acting company and our new actor-combatant company, Fight Corps.  At the Fortune Stage.  Running time: 45 minutes.


Romeo and Juliet, Act I, sc. 1

Sampson- Scott Turner; Gregory -Erin MacDinald; Abraham- John Lasher; Benvolio -Joe Grasso; Tybalt-Eric Poch; The Prince - Bill Eissler.

Macbeth, Act V, sc. 8

Macbeth - Geoff Thompson; Macduff - Jim Frank

Richard III, Act V, sc. 3, 4 & 5.

Castesby - John Lasher; Richard III - Bill Eissler; Richmond - Mike Martin.

The Taming of the Shrew, Act II, sc. I

Petruchio - Casey Severn; Kate - Kelsey Meiklejohn

Henry V, Act IV, sc. 3

Henry V - Mike Martin


The Human Chess Game 

The Hatfields vs. The McCoys

Written by Carolyn Spedden  

Directed by Tom Plott

Fight Choreography by Jim Frank and Geoff Thompson

The Mayor is presenting a game of chess for the Courtiers and audience's enjoyment.  But this is no normal game of chess. Placed on a huge board in the Jousting Field, this chess game welcomes audience members to be actual pieces on the board.  And our actor/combatants will literally fight for their spaces.  Adding to the excitment are the Hatfield and McCoy families. The Mayor hopes whichever family wins the game will settle their feuding ways once and for all.  Don't count on it!

Rated PG – for stage combat violence.  Performed at the JOUSTING ARENA 



New this year! Located next to the children's play area (near the climbing wall and slide) this stage presents work for the young and young at heart!  Most shows are 15 minutes in length.  Shows include:

11:15am: Kid's Comedy Improvisation Show - Hey kids, join Masters Spittle and Sneed along with Alice McCoy as they present a fun and fast-paced comedy improvisational show, featuring "Fairytale Countdown".

12pm: The Ditty Daughters: Celtic Music and Dance - Join Begora and Fiath Ditty for a high spirited music and dance show for the young and young at heart!

12:30pm: Mustardseed's Fractured Fairy's Tales -  Laugh along with Mustardseed! She may speak Fairy, but she knows how to delight and amuse you. Just don't get too comfortable in that seat, you may end up on stage in this unusual re-telling of a tale you thought you knew.

1pm: Psaltery songs with the Countess of Salisbury - The countess will introduce children to the lap psaltery, a wonderful stringed musical instrument. Children will learn how to play some basic tunes.

1:30pm - Courtly Kids with the Widow Griply - The most prominent villager in Revel Grove (according to herself), The Widow Griply will teach all young lords and ladies the etiquette of the time. Learn how to bow, curtsey and much more!

3pm: Les Poupees de Revel Grove -  The first family of Revel Grove tell some of Aesop's famous fables, in the unique Yaxley style, with puppets and audience participation. Tales presented could include "The Grasshopper and the Ant", "The Lion, the Bear, and the Fox", or "The Fox and the Crow".   This show is rated C, for children of all ages!

4:15pm: Kiddie Ceili -  Join the McCoy sisters, Molly and Roseanna, for a rollicking good time at the ceili!  We'll all do a jig, dance a set or two, sing some songs, and maybe even tell an Irish legend!  It will be reel-y great craic ( that's Irish for "fun" )!


Militia Tent


Have you ever wondered what skills it takes to outfit the King's army? How you make bows and arrows? Interested in seeing demonstrations of metal, leather and wood working? Visit the village Militia tent, near the Jousting arena, and see these skills demonstrated. Weapons makers and fight combatants will be available to answer your questions and tell you more about weapons and life in the Tudor times.